Website Redesign

ReDesigned the website

Optimizing Site Content

Optimized content copy on the website

Drip Email Campaign

Created drip email campaign strategy

Product Repositioning

Revamped content copy for products and establish each product's best positioning.

Rebranded Newsletter

Rebranded newsletter for optimal results such as creating excerpts of articles to lead users to, including discounts and call to action, and adding products and services

Optimized Social Media

Redesigned Facebook pages with awareness for aftannFIT products and classes. Optimized strategy on Instagram and Facebook to lead back to


The Challenge

aftannFIT has been successful in building a fitness business from the ground up. It has mostly relied on referrals from existing clients for new business. There was a need to grow the online portion of the business as well as attract more local clients near Huntington Beach, California.

The Approach

We began by assessing aftannFIT's current product positioning, brand image, product deliverable, and pricing. Next, I discussed with Aftann, the goals that she would like to achieve. We determined that she wanted to grow her online business and automate some of her processes to take on a higher volume of clients.

The Solution

We began by redesigning her website to better reflect her brand's image. In the redesign, we created new customer funnels and revamped blogging strategies to build pillar topics to blog around. We also revamped her pricing strategies be able to focus more on clients. Another huge change was the product deliverables. We redesigned her product deliverables to customers to be more inline with her brand image. Lastly, we re-branded her newsletter to be able to communicate more effectively to her existing mailing list as well as new subscribers.

The Results

Since the implementation of some of the strategy, aftannFIT has gotten interest from new customers. The changes are currently still in progress. Once the new strategic changes have been implemented, aftannFIT will focus on paid advertising to attract new customers.

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