$2,000.00 / month

Business Marketing Manager

Are you too busy running your business to focus on marketing?

Do you assign marketing tasks to staff whom do not have the skills to create or run your marketing campaigns? (You end up wasting money, time, and creating more work?)

Schedule a free 30 Min Marketing Analysis Consultation Call to discuss if this is a good fit for you and your business.

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As business marketing manager, I help businesses create and implement their marketing plans to grow their business and create demand for their products and services. Business owners use me as their sounding board and support for growing their clients, from pricing and positioning of their products, to executing marketing/sales funnels to help grow their business.

Hiring a Business Marketing Manager will give you access to working with a professional that is knowledgeable and can provide execution on plans to grow your business.

Work with me to begin to radically change the way you market your business and increase your sales.