While every conversation is different, I will provide a basic assessment of your current digital presence based on assessing your website and social media accounts.  During the course of the call, I will be able to provide more insight once I learn about your current marketing strategies and additional information you provide.

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current business and your growth goals. How are things now? Do you have any concerns? What do you hope to accomplish in the near future and longer term?


Think about the priorities you have for growing your business. Prepare yourself to answer some of these questions:

Are you happy with the current marketing plan you have in place for your business?
What is it that you would like to know about digital marketing?
What areas of your marketing strategy would you like to improve?
Have you done marketing in the past? What was the result?
What would you like to see happen when working with someone?

Once the call is finished, you will get a copy of the recorded call so you can have notes on what we discussed.
You can check out more information on our first meeting working together.
If you would like information on what it's like to work together, check out this story from a current client,
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